Episode 106: Magically Delicious

Magic abilities and Magic Resistance have been the purview of monsters (i.e., Non-Player Characters) through all versions of Classic Dungeons & Dragons. This episode the DMigos talk about magic in their CD&D games, how they play magic-using classes, magic resistance, and certain spell effects for both PCs and monsters alike!

Sites Discussed on the Show:

Basic Alchemist (Den Meister/Baba Yaga Games)

Gary Con DCC RPG Tournament: The Hypercube of Myt

Interloper Miniatures

OD&D Setting via Outdoor Survival

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1 comment on “Episode 106: Magically Delicious”

  1. Barliman


    First time listener, loving the show. During the email portion of the show, one of the stars (Sorry, don’t recall his name) couldn’t recall who made the old Thieves’ World supplement with crossover rules for a lot of then-current games. The answer is…. (drumroll) Chaosium. It was a great product (still have mine) and there was also a companion volume for it. Copies in good shape tend to command a hefty price on the secondary market.

    Anyway, I’m glad I found his podcast and I’m looking foward to future episodes.

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