The Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 4: MORTAL COMBAT!?

Hey folks, thanks for joining us again, as the crew chats about their week in gaming, and then goes over the combat system. They compare each box set side by side. Then talk about the often under used NPC Parties, ending the show with a review of Fight on! magazine. How many Dragons will they rate FO! Magazine? Guess you will have to listen to find out.
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7 comments on “The Save or Die Podcast Adventure # 4: MORTAL COMBAT!?”

  1. outlander78

    Could you post links, or at least the names, of the Fanzines you mentioned, please?

    Keep up the great work – this has become my favourite podcast. Thank you!

  2. Ignatius Umlaut

    Thanks for the review! I loved the show more generally too.

    Re – the zany in #1 – I love that stuff too – not very many people can or will write it, as it turns out! Jeff Rients of “Jeff’s Gameblog” is the best I know at this particular style, although some other contributors have done very well by it too. I think we have at least a little of it in every issue, but not as much as one might desire. “Hobgoblin God’s Crown” in #9 is a different kind of example of how there is always good Core Old School stuff in every issue.

    Anyway, I’m at iggyumlaut at gmail if anyone on the webpage here wants to get in touch with me about submitting or other things.

    Keep up the great work!



  3. Makofan

    Listened to your reviews of Fight On! As an occasional contributor, I can let you know that the writers do not get paid, but do get a free PDF of the magazine. In one case, being published in the magazine has led to a request to publish the same article in a different magazine, and in another case it opened a door to get a new article published in a different publication. The publisher makes just about enough money to publish the next magazine, so it is a real labor of love.

  4. Thunhus

    I started listening your show recently and I like it lot.

    Some comments on using higher level sets (Companion and Master)

    I have played in a campaign that took 10 years. I played a magic-user named Thunhus all the time and leveled up to 21st level.
    Another campaign took 9 years and I was a DM. My players played same characters to the 21st level.

    We used Mentzer BECMI rules sets. We used Companinion set a lot. I liked especially dominion and war machine rules because we used to have dominions.

    We started using weapon master rules (Master set) at level 1. We also used Siege machine because we were into dominions.

    We also used a lot of modules. We played trough Test of Warlords, Death’s ride, Sabre River and the Endless stair.

    Nowadays I dm a 4e campaing and we are at level 23. Next adventure focuses on mass combat and I have created a rules for it. The rules are inspired by Companion sets war machine rules.

    Thunhus from Finland

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