Episode 101: Save vs. Death & Taxes

This week we’re talking to Lesser Gnome chief honcho Zach Glazer, who’s here to tell us all about his latest and greatest kickstarter: an old school deluxe box set adventure for every version of D&D from Basic to possibly even 5E, “Death & Taxes.” For those of you who enjoyed “Whisper & Venom” you’ll be in for a treat!

LISTENER BONUS: Thopas has provided the following special code that entitles the bearer to 25% OFF all purchases at the Lesser Gnome webstore until December 15, 2014! When ordering, just type in the code “SOD25”

Sites Discussed on the Show:

Death & Taxes Kickstarter by Lesser Gnome:

Free PDF Samples & Downloads at Lesser Gnome:

Lesser Gnome Publications main site:

Breeyark.org OSR Resource:

Project on the Borderlands:

Ponyfinder campaign setting

Spellburn #30:

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