Episode 99: What is the OSR anyway?

Episode 99: What is the OSR anyway?

October 2, 2014 Off By Executive Producer Vincent

We talk a lot about “Old School” on this Podcast, be it a Renaissance or Revolution. But what does it mean? The three hosts are joined once again by intrepid author Jon Peterson as we consider such questions. We give our opinions about this movement and what it means to each of us, as well as (perhaps) the hobby in general.


Sites Discussed on the Show

A Visit to the Basement Where D&D Was Born by Ethan Gilsdorf

Gag Men Podcast: Interview about Victorious with DMs Mike & Liz

Jason Cone’s (aka Philotomy) B4: The Lost City log
* Also has a copy of Philotomy’s Musings pdf

Jon Peterson’s Blog

Playing at the World by Jon Peterson (Amazon)

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