Episode 89: Save vs. Jennell Jaquays

We are fortunate to have on the show the noted game designer and illustrator Jennell Jaquays! This creator of Dungeoneer magazine, the lauded D&D adventure Caverns of Thracia, the module M5 Talons of Night from TSR, and far more things than can be listed at once. We chat with her about her introduction to D&D, design career with Judges Guild in the late 1970s, and her work with computer games both past and present. We thank her for joining us on the show…and tolerating our inability to get her last name right!

Links Discussed on the Show:

Olde Skuul (Jennell Jaquays Co-Owner)

BattleChess: Game of Kings

BattleChess: Game of Kings on Steam for direct download
http://store.steampowered.com/app/20015 … ured_app=1

North Texas RPG Con

Joe Harnell – Lonely Man Theme (Disco Version)

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1 comment on “Episode 89: Save vs. Jennell Jaquays”

  1. amg

    Hi guys!
    Another great podcast. Janelle brought some really interesting insights to the birth of our hobby and I am really pleased to see that she continues to be involved.
    There is one thing that troubles me, though. I don’t understand the talk of someone losing their seat if Jon Peterson were to join the cast. You guys have an amazing chemistry and the loss of any one of you would be a blow to the show. I believe that bringing Jon on would add to the discussion, but not at the cost of an existing host. He just seems to fit right in. Liz, Mike, Jim, Glen, you guys are awesome. Thanks for yet another great podcast!

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