Episode 88: Gazapalooza 1- Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Your fine foursome hosts delve into that iconic setting of Basic-Expert/Mentzer D&D, the Known Worlde of Mystara! This rich setting is so vast that we’re going to break it into several episodes, each one concentrating on a Gazetteer of the campaign world of the Classic Dungeons & Dragons game. Thrills, chills, and opinions abound in this episode of the best Classic D&D podcast around!


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Gazetteer 1: Grand Duchy of Karameikos pdf

GaryCon 2014

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1 comment on “Episode 88: Gazapalooza 1- Grand Duchy of Karameikos”

  1. VikShade

    On subduing Dragons
    in the dragon write up it states that dragons can be subdues because of their ego. In AD&D it mentions that Gold and Silver dragons can never be subdued. I have also read that given the chance a subdued dragon will always attempt to flee or kill it’s master whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have had a subdued Green dragon give a character a “Mark of the Dragon Bond” which meant absolutely nothing. It was just a deceptive excuse to claw the character across the face and give him a nasty scar. two adventures later it attacked the party while they were on their way home from a dungeon and heavily laden with treasure. The group finished the dragon, but it managed to kill the character who originally attempted to subdue it.

    Mystara is more of a home to me than any real place I have ever lived. so you are about to begin your review of Gaz 1 now. I hope it’s good…

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