Episode 87: Email Hot Tub Time Machine

We’re going back in time! At least, back to December 2013 so we can catch up on all the emails the fine fans of Save or Die have sent us… We answer questions, pose conundrums, and try to remember what we did in years gone by. Oh, and DM Glen has started to run out of gaming stuff to buy! <G>



Sites Discussed on the Show:

GaryCon 2014

Teacher, Trooper, Gamer, Dad Blog:

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1 comment on “Episode 87: Email Hot Tub Time Machine”

  1. BarrelRider

    I have to say, I love your podcast. The banter and varying points of view between the podcasters is fantastic and constantly hearing “Crown Royal, the official dicebag of the OSR” has gotten in my brain. I bugged several co-workers (I rarely drink and can’t afford Crown), and finally got my hands on some of these beloved bags. I haven’t had a CR dicebag in years and it feels so… well… right. Keep up the fantastic work SODers.

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