Episode 83: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

The four DMs find themselves delving into another Small Niche Games product by the two-fisted Peter Spahn; Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands. This Chronicles of Amherth supplement expands on the Kingdom of Makaar Mor (The Ghoul Lands), with more undead than you can shake a bone at!

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1 comment on “Episode 83: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. Deadnosave

    I am unsure how I feel about the “Top 5″ thing… While hearing various opinions on the product, I found (please don’t take any offense) it left ample room for SOME to be a lil lazy.(Which is ok now and GLENN… Ooops I mean THEN. Heheh) But anyway, I would much rather just hear the roundtable discussion without the whole lets ALLLL go thru 5-1. You felt a bit rushed and in one instance Glenn had pretty much forgot what the heck point he was gonna add because it was all drawn out just a little much. Your coverage was fairly detailed and made me go look (and ultimately buy the Amereth/Ghoul Lands bundle) But I think we can totally get the same end result without the new “Top 5″ format. Thank you all again for a great show.
    Your humble servant in the darkness,

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