Episode 82: (Email) Bag End!

DM Glen’s off again, so the three DMs left standing decide its time to finally catch up on our emails. Well, mostly! It’s all here at: http://saveordie.info Discussed Sites on the Show: AetherCon: Nov 15-17 http://www.aethercon.com/a2/ *BlueHolm: Holmes D&D Retro-Clone http://dreamscapedesign.net/ *Threshold #1, The Mystara Fanzine http://pandius.com/Threshold_1.pdf *Zenopus Archives: Manual of Aurania 1977 Review http://zenopusarchives.blogspot.com/201

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Episode 79: Re-Alignment

From the very beginning of Classic Dungeons & Dragons, alignment has played a role in how characters, monsters, and the fantasy world interact. From the Classic 3-alignment system to the Holmesian 5-alignment system, the (reunited) “Fantastic Four” consider them all and what has worked for our games. It’s all here at: http://saveordie.info Don’t forget to drop

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