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Save or Die Podcast Adventure #28: Minotaur!

Join Vince, Glen, Mike and Julie as they chat about various topics, like finding a gaming group, how to start a gaming group, then talk about building ancient ruins, and the ever so big bad Minotaur monster! Ending the show with a review of B11! Check it out! DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Save or Die Podcast Adventure #23: Something and Witches

The staff this week is joined by a special DM Host, DM Cory who is part of the upcoming AD&D 2E Podcast, Thaco’s Hammer, as they chat about building worlds in your campaign, how to design spells, DEMONS and then finish up with with a review of B7: Rahasia. Saveordiepodcast(at) DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS